The Owner

Kurt Miller started his artistic journey in jewelry making in 1975, while attending the University of New Mexico.

Mostly self-taught, as a designer and a goldsmith, his passion for creating jewelry utilizes both lost wax casting and hand construction in 14k, 18k, platinum, and sterling silver. Combining contemporary Southwestern inlay with semi-precious stones and diamonds, he achieves an aesthetic gestalt where color, form, and light blend into a subtle yet eloquent statement conveying a feeling that is centered and balanced.  Kurt believes that at some level in our psyche, jewelry is primal and instinctive.

It’s interesting to me that for thousands of years, all cultures have displayed a strong desire to adorn themselves and, I believe, to more clearly define themselves with their jewelry. I think that at some point, we find ourselves drawn to a particular piece of jewelry or art that we connect with, feel a part of, and in turn, it becomes a part of us.

Kurt Miller’s work has a singular presence among contemporary jewelry artists that captures the spirit of the Southwest and at the same time, is universal.