Before we start, REMEMBER: This is GAMBLING! Then again most everything in life is a gamble, but unlike stocks, gold & silver have never gone down to zero. Nonetheless, keep in mind that for the most part, it is not the place for quick gains. But it is a safer bet for the long term. On average, historically speaking, it has proven to be an inflation hedge. 

That said, Wall Street is full of Bullsh*t, and the Bears scurry down Main Street into the woods. Finding yourself stuck under a pile of either, is not sound policy.

All the charts, graphs, indices, oil, growth, inflation, monetary policies, currencies & world economy don’t make the metal markets. They have a mind of their own.

Looking ahead, this week the precious metal markets look & feel Bullish to me. Friday might be a good time to sell & take some profits? A closer evaluation the week after, may reveal large institutions bought huge amounts at closing.

A newer craze is clients selling their metals to small gold buying shops who advertise “Top Prices” paid. And it’s a good thing because you’re recycling, Smelters stay busy, and the people that work there stay employed.


.999, karat gold, Bullion, unwanted jewelry, diamonds, & US silver coins (1964 & older dimes, quarters, half dollars).
Yes my blog is an ad for the above biz & suited for smaller but wise investors. In the coming weeks we’ll discuss, selling long/short, gold stocks, options & derivatives.

Quiz: What’s the difference between people who have money & those who don’t?
Those who have money haven’t spent theirs yet. Until next week.

~Jorge Salinas